American Dental Association Platinum Card Activation

How to Activate Your American Dental Association Platinum Card

The American Dental Association (ADA®) platinum Visa® card provides a no-fee experience for those with excellent credit. With limits of up to $25,000 available, you will receive the zero fraud liability productions, travel accident insurance, and warranty manager perks once you’ve activated the account.

U.S. Bank issues the ADA Visa card. You can find more information about the lender here, including data about their online activation processes.

How to Active the ADA Platinum Card By Phone

The American Dental Association platinum card provides access to 24-hour cardmember services. If you have received your card, call 1 (866) 951-3869 to start the activation process.

If you live outside of the United States or are traveling, you can call collect to activate your card. Dial (701) 461-1112 to start this process.

The representative will ask you a series of questions to confirm your identity. Once you’ve completed this interview, the card number may require verification to finish the activation.

It would be best not to hang up until the representative confirms that you can use your American Dental Association platinum card. If you aren’t told the session is complete, you may need to start over on another call.

How to Activate Your ADA Platinum Card Online

You can activate your American Dental Association platinum card online by logging into your online banking portal. U.S. Bank issues the card, so the account will show up through your dashboard.

You’ll need to log in to the online banking portal. The system must authenticate that you are the account owner before allowing you to proceed. If you are not enrolled, you must create a profile to take advantage of the online activation process.

Click on the credit card account to begin. You’ll follow the activation prompts as they come up to complete this process. You may need to enter your 16-digit account number, the expiration date, and the security code on the Visa card.

Once you receive confirmation access, you can start using it for purchases.

If you prefer, you can take the card to a U.S. Bank branch to complete the activation process. You can also call the lender at 1 (800) 236-3838 if any of these processes are not working as intended to help you with your new credit line.

More information about the American Dental Association platinum card can be found on the ADA’s website.