Vancity Credit Card Activation

Vancity provides comprehensive banking services to personal and business customers. When you apply for one of their credit cards successfully, you’ll gain access to a competitive rate and friendly terms.

Some credit cards from Vancity provide rewards with each purchase.

Instead of being a traditional banking services provider, Vancity is a financial cooperative. Over 500,000 people are member-owners, with 59 branches located throughout the greater Vancouver area.

Because cardholders are member-owners, the rates, perks, and rewards of your new credit card are exceptionally competitive.

Activate My Vancity Credit Card Online

When you receive approval for a line of credit through Vancity, you’ll receive an enviro™ Visa® card in the mail. It takes approximately 7-10 business days for it to arrive.

The first step is to register your account if you haven’t completed that step already. You can start that process by following this link. You’ll need to supply the information requested when prompted, including a password, before you can proceed with the activation.

If you already have an account registered, you’ll want to log into it.

Once you reach your account dashboard, you’ll see several dropdown menu options available. You’ll want to select the “I Want To” choice. Move your cursor through the selections until you reach “Active My Card.”

The website will ask you to confirm that the credit card you’re activating matches the last four digits of the account that appears in a popup screen.

Click on the option to activate. You’ll know it has been completed successfully when an email appears confirming the activity.

How to Activate My Vancity Credit Card by Phone

If you are an authorized user, account administrator, or a primary cardholder with an enviro Visa card to activate, you can complete the process over the phone.

The easiest way is to call 1 (800) 611-8472. This phone number is available 24/7.

You can also dial (604) 877-4999 to reach the same automated system if that number is more convenient.

The automated system will ask for your credit card information. You must enter the 16-digit account number for it to recognize the account. Additional prompts will ask for your birthday and phone number to confirm your identity.

Once you’ve completed those steps, register your card through the Manage My Visa link to take advantage of the rewards that may be associated with your account.

You don’t need a PIN to activate your card. Purchases of up to $200 can be completed at participating stores without this identifier. View more information about the Vancity credit card.