Global Cash Card Activate

The Global Cash Card activate process is simple and easy. Just go online and you’ll be asked if you have a card. Click the “yes” button and you will be asked to input the card number and the expiration date. Then respond to the security text prompt and follow the remainder of the instructions to complete the activation process.

Nearly 3,000 payroll programs are currently active and using the Global Cash Card right now.

During the activation process, you will be asked to select a 4-digit PIN for the account. This is required before it can be used. Online activations will also be asked to setup an online profile, including a user name and password.

You may also contact the Global Cash Card activation phone number at 1 (866) 395-9200. You will be given an automated set of instructions to follow using voice prompts.

Further help can be provided by sending an email to [email protected] if there are problems with the activation process for some reason.

What Is the Global Cash Card?

You will be given a Global Cash Card by an employer in most circumstances. It is a payroll solution for businesses who do not wish to issue a physical paycheck, but have employees who may not have a bank account which allows for a direct deposit.

With Global Cash Card, activate new card procedures must be followed to access the money that is deposited on the paycard. Each employee must follow the activation procedures at the time the card is issued. Employers cannot activate a paycard for their employees.

Global Cash Card activate procedures, once completed, allow for Visa or MasterCard branding on the card. The Zero Liability policies of both credit card processors applies to these cards. These additional benefits are also received with this paycard option.

  • The Global Cash Card program is Regulation E compliant.
  • It creates a solution that is completely paperless for employers.
  • It meets US standards for paycheck compliance so that full compensation is received.

Global cash cards can be instantly issued and there is no feed to upgrade the cards so that they are personalized and branded.

Global Cash Card Offers Discounts and Rewards to Card Holders

For employees that enroll into the Global Cash Card program, there are running sweepstakes available for entry. Just make 90 signature transactions within 90 days and earn an entry to win a car or up to $15,000. It takes 10 purchases each month to win up to $3,500 in cash.

Global Cash Card is also part of the PerksCard Network and works with Priceless Cities by MasterCard.
You can also activate Global Cash Card benefits through their programs of mobile access.

Besides the payroll cards, there are incentive cards, gift cards, per diem cards, and government cards that are offered by Global Cash Card. The activation process for each type of card follows the same process and can be completed online.

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