Activate Tangerine Credit Card

How to Activate a Tangerine Credit Card

The Tangerine MasterCard has been garnering a lot of attention for its great cash back reward perk and lack of an annual fee. Many Canadians have gravitated to this low-APR card – and Tangerine in general, as it is a bank that seems geared towards customer service and solid financial products. (Among them are high-interest paying, no fee savings accounts and no-hassle checking plans.)

If you’ve been approved for a Tangerine credit card, you will need to activate it before using it to make a purchase. We’ve outlined the steps to activation below:

Activate Your Card Online

Online activation is a simple matter of logging into your Tangerine account. Proceed to the “My Accounts” tab and click the option for activating a card. Once you’ve entered the required information and verified the numbers on the card, just click “done” and you’re all set.

Activating a Card Over the Phone

I’ve you’ve been approved for the credit card, you should already have an active Tangerine account. It’s recommended that you activate your card through this account rather than by phone. If you’re unable to connect to the internet or have some other problem, you can activate over the phone.

Dial the following toll-free number and follow a few simple steps to get it finished: 1-866-700-4610.

Quick & Easy Activation Instructions

For the fastest activation, log into your Tangerine online banking account and access “My Account” settings. Once inside, you can find the option to activate a new card. The process is fast and easy from there!

Tangerine Online Banking Login Link:

This link will take you to the login screen for Tangerine online banking. Once logged in, you will be able to activate your card; this is also where you will go to manage your credit card and your account.

Running into problems? Call Tangerine Activation Assistance: 1-866-700-4610.

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

  • To decrease the likelihood of identity theft, sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.

Get the most out of your new card! Familiarize yourself with all of the card’s benefits and use them; sometimes perks like car rental insurance or roadside assistance are buried in the fine print of the cardholder agreement.