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How to Activate Your Rogers Bank Credit Card

 When you activate your Rogers Bank credit card, then you are unlocking all of the benefits that come with this new account.

One of those benefits includes earning unlimited cash-back rewards on each eligible purchase that you make with the new credit card.

The exact benefits depend on the terms and conditions of the Mastercard® you chose from Rogers Bank. You can calculate what your reward earnings could be with this helpful calculator.

These activation instructions apply to the Fido Mastercard, the Rogers Platinum Mastercard, and the Rogers World Elite Mastercard.

 How to Active a Rogers Bank Credit Card Online

Rogers Bank allows you to activate your primary card within your online account. You will need to log into your RBAcess profile with your username and password. If you haven’t set up this feature yet, there is a place to register your account.

Once you create your profile, you must enter the current Mastercard account information. Rogers Bank will provide you with a verification code that gets sent to the email address associated with your account.

A set of terms and conditions will need review and acceptance before you can proceed if you have not done so already.

Once you can access your dashboard, choose the “Activate Card” link. You will receive the option to create a PIN before completing the activation.

How to Activate a Rogers Bank Credit Card by Phone

If you prefer to activate your card with a customer care representative, then Rogers Bank offers the option to complete your activation by telephone.

You will need to dial 1 (855) 275-2216 to begin the activation process.

The customer care representative will need your credit card number to verify the current status of the account. You must also provide any phone number that you provided to Rogers Bank during the application process.

You must provide your birthday as a final verification step. Then you will create a PIN with the representative.

Then you will receive confirmation that your Rogers Bank Credit Card is activated and ready for use.

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Card Activation

If you choose to activate your Rogers Bank Mastercard online, then your account will default to paperless billing automatically. That means you will receive an email each month about when your minimum amount is due.

You must complete the login process to the online banking portal to view your credit card statement each month. If this process isn’t something you want to pursue, then a phone activation for your Rogers Bank credit card is the best option to choose.

Once you create a PIN for your Mastercard from Rogers Bank successfully, it is immediately ready to use. You’ll want to protect the credit card and its personal identification number whenever possible to avoid unauthorized use.

If your account qualifies for a welcome bonus that involves cash-back rewards, then that amount will become available once you complete your first purchase.

Following these steps will ensure that you can quickly activate your Rogers Bank credit card. For more information about the various accounts offered, please visit Rogers Bank.

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