Activate Zions Bank Credit Card

How to Activate Your Zions Bank AmaZing Cash Back Credit Card

When you use the AmaZing Cash credit card from Zions Bank, you can earn up to 2% cash-back for the first 90 days of use. It also offers 1% back without a cap and an annual rewards bonus. Several additional promotional benefits are often provided, and no expiration date will cause what you’ve earned to expire.

You must accrue a minimum of $25 in cash-back earnings before Zions Bank allows a withdrawal as an account credit, cash payment, or deposit.

Before you start earning with each purchase with the AmaZing Cash credit card, you must complete the activation process.

Activate Your AmaZing Cash Credit Card By Phone

The AmaZing Cash credit card from Zions Bank is a locally-branded product featuring the Visa® logo. It is part of a national network with other institutions offering similar benefits and services.

That means your activation must happen with Zions Bank. No other institution can provide help with this process.

The easiest way to start using your new credit card is to call 1 (888) 307-3411. When you reach a customer service representative, let them know that you want to activate your new AmaZing Cash card.

Although the process is similar for the AmaZing Rate and AmaZing Rewards cards, the difference with the AmaZing Cash card is that you’re getting money back with each purchase.

The representative will verify your identity during the activation process. You may get asked to link the AmaZing Cash credit card to your deposit account with Zions Bank for your eventual rewards.

Activate Your AmaZing Cash Credit Card in Person

If you have a Zions Bank branch near your home, you can activate the AmaZing Cash credit card by visiting that location.

You can find the current list of location branches by visiting the institution’s finder page.

Some branches require you to call the toll-free number to schedule an appointment for in-person services. Since you would need to speak with a customer service representative at that time, it may be easier to do the phone activation.

You may have the option to use drive-thru services to activate your credit card. This option is offered on a branch-by-branch basis with varying steps to follow.

More information about AmaZing Cash credit card from Zions Bank can be found on their website.