Activate Air Force Association Credit Card

How to Activate Your Air Force Association Credit Card

The Air Force Association credit card is a USAA-branded Visa® Signature card that offers several rewards and bonuses. When you join USAA Rewards, you can earn bonus points after your first purchase. You’ll also get a point for every dollar spent to use for gift cards, merchandise, or cash back.

If you’ve received approval for a new credit line on this card, you’ll need to follow the activation steps to start using your account. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to go through your online dashboard.

How to Activate Your USAA Credit Card Online

Once you receive approval for your Air Force Association credit card, you’ll want to log into your online account through USAA to start the activation process. You don’t need to wait for the physical card to arrive to activate it.

You can access the online portal here.

Complete your login by typing your online ID and password into the appropriate fields. If you forgot this information, simply click on one of the links below it to retrieve the data.

If you don’t have an online ID or a password to use, you’ll need to set up online access to continue the activation process. USAA will ask several questions to validate your identity, confirm your account, and get you to your online dashboard.

Once you complete this process, the option to activate your credit card will appear. Follow the remaining prompts to start using your USAA account through the Air Force Association.

How to Activate Your USAA Credit Card By Phone

If you don’t have online access or prefer not to use the dashboard for activation, USAA provides the option to activate your new credit card by phone.

You’ll need to contact the customer service department by dialing (210) 531-8722. Once the line connects, you’ll listen to an automated menu that takes you through the various options for your call. When asked what you want to do, tell the system that you want to activate your credit card.

The automated system will ask for your membership number or credit card account number. This outcome depends on your current USAA status. Once you provide this option, you’ll enter the expiration date and security code to verify the credit card.

For more information about this card and opportunities through the Air Force Association, please visit the application page.