Belk Card Activate

Department stores are common places to get credit cards, and Belk is no exception to that. They offer a credit card with rewards that you can use in their locations.

You can apply online or by walking into a Belk and consulting with an employee. The application and enrollment process does not take long, and consists of a few simple steps:

1) Fill out the application. While you fill out the application, you’ll be asked a lot of different questions about your identity and your income. It should only take a few minutes to do this, however.

2) Submit the application. After you are done giving Belk all of your information, then you can submit it to an employee if it is a paper application, or you can submit it with a few easy clicks if you are applying online. After the submission, they will make a decision about your eligibility.

3) Wait for approval. Within a certain amount of time, you will find out if you have been approved, usually through the mail. If you haven’t been approved, sometimes they will tell you the reason and sometimes they won’t, but normally if you are rejected it is because your income is too low or your credit is bad.

4) Once you have been approved, then you will have to wait for the credit card to come in the mail. When the credit card has arrived, simply take it out of the envelope and immediately sign your name in the white space on the back of the card. This signature will be used by merchants to compare to the signature on your receipts.

5) Belk activation is really easy, and all you have to do is visit Belk Activation. If you already have a Belk account, then you can just sign in and Belk activate the card. If you don’t have one yet, then you will have to make an account and then sign in. They don’t appear to have a Belk credit card activation phone number, but the phone number for their credit card customer service is 1-800-669-6550, and a representative should be able to answer any of your questions if you are confused.

How Long Do I Have to Activate a Belk Credit Card?

Though the Belk website itself doesn’t specify how long you have to activate a Belk credit card, most companies give you at least a few weeks or even months to activate it. However, it’s best not to procrastinate when it comes to activating a credit card. The card is only usable once you have gone through the activation process.

Furthermore, it can be a potential security risk if you do not activate it right away. As soon as you are approved for the credit card and they send it to you in the mail, it is already listed on your credit report, so failing to activate the card will not have a effect on your credit either way.

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