Kohl Card Activate

Like many department stores and clothes stores, Kohl’s offers their own credit card that you can use for purchases at their store. You can buy merchandise, accumulate rewards, and pay them back later—as long as you make sure to pay them back on time.

Basically, it’s a standard charge card, but you can use it to build your credit. Getting a Kohl’s card is actually relatively easy because they only require a very basic level of credit and a fairly low yearly income from you.

You can apply for a Kohl’s credit card by just visiting one of their locations or going online and applying. The bank that Kohl’s uses for the card is Capital One, and you will have to agree to their terms during the application, as well as those of Kohl’s. Review the fine print carefully.

Besides that, the application will ask you a few standard questions, and if you are approved, then they will send you your credit card through the mail. This can take a few weeks.

Kohl Credit Card Activate

After you get your credit card in the mail, the first thing that you need to do is a Kohl activation. You can simply go to their website and sign into their portal and follow the instructions to Kohl activate new card. If you prefer to do it by phone, just call the Kohl activation phone number, which is 1-800-954-0244. There is a third way to activate your Kohl’s card, too, by going in person to a Kohl’s location and speaking to am employee.

Kohl’s credit cards offer lots of advantages. If you are approved for one, you get:

  • 25% off your first purchase with your new line of credit. This can save you a lot of money if you plan on making a large purchase at Kohl’s soon. This discount applies both at the physical store locations and also online, though you must use a promo code.
  • 15% off another purchase when your card comes in the mail.
  • 12 different discounts per year that people who don’t have a card are unable to take advantage of.
  • If you spend more than 600 dollars with your Kohl’s credit card, then you are eligible to receive 18 discounts per year.
  • You can combine several different discounts for big savings. The more you spend, the more you save.
  • It can help you build credit in a very simple and safe way, since Kohl’s reports your activity to the major credit reputation bureaus.

Another nice thing about your Kohl’s credit line is that you can use it even if your card is not physically with you. For example, if you forget your card at home or you have simply not received your card in the mail yet, you can still tell an employee at a Kohl’s location your information and they will bring up your credit account at the time of your purchase. This is extremely convenient.

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