Activate Commonwealth Bank Card

How to Activate Your Commonwealth Bank Credit Card

 If you recently receive a Commonwealth Bank credit card, then you can activate it in two different ways.

You can activate your credit card through the Commonwealth Bank app or do so in NetBank. Both options allow you to create a PIN during the process.

CommBank allows you to add an additional cardholder who is at least 16 years old to your account. You must complete this process independently of the first application. Then you’ll follow the same activation steps.

Activate Your CommBank Credit Card on NetBank

 NetBank is the online banking portal for the Commonwealth Bank credit card. If you have not yet registered your account after its approval, then you must complete the registration steps to start the activation process.

You can register for NetBank website.

You must provide the credit card number. Mastercard® and American Express® options are available. The registration process will recognize the card you have by the number of digits you enter.

Then indicate if you are the primary cardholder or an additional one. Then enter the PIN.

If you don’t have all of the information available, then a customer care specialist can provide assistance. You can call CommBank at 13 2221 at any time for help. You also have the option to register for NetBank at your local branch.

Activate Your CommBank Credit Card by the App

If you have the Commonwealth Bank app, then you can activate your new credit card through your mobile device.

Once you enter the app, you will want to tap on the “Cards” command. Then swipe across the face of your device until you locate the credit card that requires activation.

Tap on the “Activate Card” command. Then the app will request your PIN, followed by the last four digits of your credit card.

Enter your PIN, then confirm the number. Once you tap on the “Submit” button, your new credit card will be ready to use.

If you receive a replacement card from CommBank, then it may not require an activation. You can tap the cards in your app’s home screen to determine if you need to follow these steps.

Primary cardholders must activate their card and the authorized secondary credit card.

You can also receive assistance with your Commonwealth Bank credit card activation by visiting your local branch. The CommBank locator tool can help you to find the closest specialist, ATM, or office near your current location.