Danske Bank Card Activate

Danske Bank Card Activation

Danske Bank provides consumers with several Mastercard® debit and credit card options. You may also qualify for a Visa® card to manage your daily shopping needs.

The easiest way to activate your new Danske Bank card is to go through your electronic banking portal. You can access all of your account information through this Danske Bank dashboard.

If you already have a user ID and a password, then enter this information to proceed to your account. You will have the opportunity to register for online access if this is your first time using the e-banking website.

Once you are in your account, choose the “Cards and Currency” option. Then select “Card Overview.”

You can select an activation option for the appropriate card from this screen. Danske Bank will ask you to enter your password one more time to confirm your identity.

It may take a few minutes for the activation confirmation to come. You may not be able to use the new card successfully until you receive that message.

How to Activate Your Danske Bank Card by Phone

If you do not have or don’t want online banking from Danske Bank, then you can contact its customer service department for help with your activation.

You can dial +44 2890 049221 to reach a representative. This number is not a toll-free call.

The call center is open between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday until Friday, and then 9 am to 4:30 pm on the weekends. Holidays may have separate operating hours.

You will need to provide your card information to the representative. Danske Bank will also want to confirm your identity by asking you some specific questions about your account.

The representative will confirm for you over the phone that your card is activated. Then you can use it immediately.

How to Register for Mastercard SecureCode

 Some merchants require you to use Mastercard SecureCode when conducting a transaction. This free service is convenient and easy to use, providing you with a maximum level of protection when shopping online.

You cannot complete a transaction with your Danske Bank card on a site with SecureCode until the account registration process is complete.

Some merchants give you the option to finish the registration for your card at the online checkout. You can also complete this process by going directly to the MasterCard SecureCode website.

It would be best to keep your personal message and password secret to prevent unauthorized use.

What If I Lose My Danske Bank Card?

If you believe that your Danske Bank card is lost or stolen, then you can dial 0370 850 2481 to report the situation.

This number is the one to call if you believe that someone knows your PIN. It is the 24-hour emergency line for Danske Bank.

If a new card gets issued to you, then it may be necessary to follow the activation instructions found here once again.