Wells Fargo Card Activation

Activation of your Wells Fargo Credit Card

Customers can activate their Wells Fargo credit cards online through the bank’s website. Follow the link to Wells Fargo Online and log into your account. If you don’t already have an online banking account, you will need to do so to proceed with card activation and online management.

Activating Wells Fargo Card Over the Phone

You may activate your new Visa card from Wells Fargo by calling this toll-free number: 1-877-294-6933.

Alternatively, your card may have come with a sticker attached; this sticker should bear the recommended toll-free number to call for phone activation.

Quick & Easy Activation Instructions

Online activation is the simplest of the two methods, although it does require an account with Wells Fargo to complete. We definitely recommend signing up for one of these accounts, as it will be used to manage your credit account in the future.

Simply go to Wells Fargo Online Activation (www.wellsfargo.com/activate) and sign in or create your new account. You will then be asked to enter a few details from the card. Your activation will be complete within a few minutes.

NOTE: You may also activate Wells Fargo debit cards at any Wells Fargo ATM. You will need to have the credit card as well as the PIN number that was mailed to you separately. This method does not work with credit cards.

Still stuck? Call Wells Fargo Customer Service: 1-877-805-7744 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Time)

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

  • To decrease the likelihood of identity theft, sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.

Get the most out of your new card! Familiarize yourself with all of the card’s benefits and use them; sometimes perks like car rental insurance or roadside assistance are buried in the fine print of the cardholder agreement.

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