Activate Collabria Credit Card

Collabria was formed when three different companies decided to merge. Their mutual goal was to offer consumers a new way to approach their credit cards to be convenient for credit unions and customers to access their money.

If you had a Desjardins, AMC FS, or CO-OP Financial Services account in the past, it might have transitioned to become a Collabria credit card.

Although most customers receive their new credit card through their credit union, Collabria offers some branded options to meet your financial needs.

If you have any questions about your specific activation process, go to this link, select your credit union, and follow the prompts offered.

Activate My Collabria Credit Card Online

Collabria provides credit card services to several financial institutions. You can also find their branding on several Visa® and Mastercard® accounts.

If you want to activate your Collabria credit card online, this step must take place through your financial institution’s website.

Since each activation process is a little different based on the credit union you prefer, there is not one set of instructions to follow. You will receive a step-by-step process with your new credit card when it arrives in the mail.

After following the activation steps, you may need to wait for a PIN to arrive in the mail before you can start using your new credit card.

For many people, it tends to be easier to activate their Collabria credit card by phone.

How to Activate My Collabria Credit Card by Phone

If you prefer to activate your new Collabria credit card by phone, you can contact cardholder services to complete that task.

Most cards come with a sticker that contains a phone number to contact

You will want to dial 1 (855) 341-4643 to have a representative help you through the activation steps. Please note that the toll-free number is also used for application inquiries, so you will need to be specific with the automated system to have a successful experience.

You can also request an operator right away if the system is not supportive.

If you are not in the United States or Canada at the time you need to activate your new credit card, you can call collect at (647) 252-9564. When prompted, identify yourself as a Collabria customer.

There is also the option to contact customer service by email at [email protected].

More information about the various credit lines from Collabria is available on their Collabria Credit Card website to review.