Vanilla Card Activate

Activate a Vanilla Credit Card

Vanilla gift cards are an easy way to shop for presents during any season. There are numerous designs from which to choose, making it an easy way to manage money without taking cash with you or giving money as a gift.

Vanilla credit cards are prepaid cards that you can use at an ATM or any store that accepts Visa®. It is closer to a debit card in the way that it works, but you must still go through an activation process to access the money.

You can complete the activation process by registering the gift card on the MyVanilla website. If there are difficulties with this process, the customer support line at 1 (855) 686-9513 can provide an extra level of assistance.

Once you activate the card, you can replenish the funds through a direct deposit process. Several retailers allow you to load the Vanilla card at the register with cash if needed. There may be fees involved with some of these processes, so you’ll want to check the terms and conditions of your account first.

Should I Be Using OneVanilla or MyVanilla?

If you choose to activate a MyVanilla card, then there is some personal information that you will need to provide.

When you prefer to stay anonymous with your card usage, OneVanilla is the better choice to activate.

These cards are non-reloadable gift cards that make it safe and simple to make online payments. There is no personal information necessary because it is not a credit card, so you won’t be going through a background check for approval.

Then you can use the OneVanilla wherever Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted in the United States.

These cards are available for purchase online or through retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS.

OneVanilla has no fees after purchase, but it does not come with ATM access. You cannot use it to get cash back at the point of sale. That’s why MyVanilla could be a better option for some users.

If you purchase a Vanilla card at a retailer, the activation process occurs during the checkout.  You will load the card there, and then it is immediately available for use. If you encounter problems with the service, then the customer service line will be your best resource to sort out any lingering activation questions.

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