Paypal Card Activate

PayPal is one of the most popular ways to send money in the world. It is convenient and user friendly, and all you need to create an account is an e-mail address and basic financial information. Thanks to this ease of use, you will find that thousands of online merchants accept it as a payment system, and it’s the most popular way to make transactions on Ebay.

Many people avoid giving out their credit cards to online stores for security reasons, and simply use PayPal for all of their purchases instead.

As you would expect from such a popular financial service, PayPal also offers a line of credit to people who qualify. You can apply for their credit card, and begin using their line of credit right away, though it does take a few weeks for the physical credit card to show up. PayPal uses MasterCard as its credit card processor.

The PayPal credit card offers several advantages:

  • You can get rewards for using the card, like cash back and travel vouchers, among many other things.
  • You can use the card anywhere that MasterCards are accepted.
  • You get extra reward points for making purchases at restaurants, gas stations, or on Ebay.
  • You get $50 cash back for 6,000 points.
  • All of your cash rewards are conveniently deposited into your PayPal balance, so there’s no hassle and you can start using it whenever you want.
  • You can use your credit card right away, even before it physically arrives in the mail. As soon as you are approved in the online application, you can begin shopping with your new line of credit.

PayPal offers a few different credit cards that you can choose from: PayPal Extras, PayPal Platinum, and even a prepaid PayPal debit card. Once you have decided which one is right for you, you can go to PayPal’s website and apply. For PayPal Extras and Platinum, your approval will depend on your credit history.

If you are approved, though, they should tell you straight away. After a few weeks, your credit card should show up in the mail. Make sure that you sign the back of the card once you get it.

PayPal Activate New Card

When your credit card comes and you sign it, then the next step is to perform a PayPal activation. If it’s one of the credit cards, then you will need to call using the number that is on the sticker on the front of the card. Their website doesn’t appear to have the PayPal activation phone number listed publicly, but this is their customer service number for credit card issues: 1-866-528-3733. If you have any questions, simply call them.

Once you have done the PayPal activate, then you are ready to start using your card in everyday purchases. You can use it in nearly every major store, and this is a great way to rack up points and rewards that will go straight into your PayPal account.

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