Nordstrom Credit Card Activation

How to Activate Nordstrom Credit Card

When you receive a credit line through a Nordstrom credit card, you become part of the “Nordy” Club. That means you can enjoy fashion access, receive some exclusive services, and gain some branded experiences and benefits.

The only stipulation is that you need to be an active cardmember to become part of that club.

Once you have successfully applied for your Nordstrom credit card, you should receive it in the mail within 7-10 business days. You can follow these steps to ensure it gets activated so that you can enjoy all of the rewards that come with being a cardmember.

You will start earning Notes, get points for every dollar spent, and achieve new statuses that can improve how many rewards you can get throughout the year.

How to Activate Your Nordstrom Credit Card Online

The fastest way to activate your Nordstrom credit card is to complete the online process. You can begin those steps by visiting this link.

You will need to supply your last name, birthday, phone number, and the last six digits of your Nordstrom credit card number. Once this information gets entered into the appropriate fields, you’ll click on the “Activate” button at the screen’s bottom.

This process will activate every card on your account. If you have older cards associated with your account, they will be deactivated simultaneously.

Nordstrom also recommends that you take the time to ensure that your billing, and contact information are up to date following the activation process.

If you are using AutoPay to take care of your Nordstrom credit card bill, whatever settings are in place currently will remain after the activation.

For anyone holding a Nordstrom debit card, the online activation process is the same.

How to Activate Your Nordstrom Credit Card by Phone

TD Bank USA issues Nordstrom credit cards, but you will want to speak with Nordstrom Card Services if you have an issue with the online activation process.

If you have a Nordstrom Visa® card, the best number to dial is 1 (866) 445-0433. An account services member can help you complete the activation process after you complete the automated system prompts.

If you have a Nordstrom retail credit card or one of their debit cards, the phone number to call is 1 (800) 964-1800.

Both phone numbers are available 24/7 for your convenience.

You can also find more information about the Nordstrom credit card is available on the company’s website.