MasterCard Gift Card Activation

Knowing how to activate a MasterCard gift card requires following these specific steps.

  • You will need to select the gift card from a participating retailer.
  • Choose the amount of cash you wish to put onto the card or purchase one with a MasterCard gift card activation with a preset amount.
  • The gift card can be activated by the retailer when it is purchased. It may also be activated by contacting the phone number that is on the packaging of the gift card.

There are reloadable gift cards that can be purchased from MasterCard which offer a simple and convenient method of giving or spending money.

For general assistance, you can contact the MasterCard gift card activation phone number, which is (800) 627-8372 in the United States. You can also call the Assistance Center for MasterCard by dialing collect (636) 722-7111.

How to Choose the Best MasterCard Gift Card

Multiple banks and lenders work with MasterCard to provide a wide-ranging series of gift cards that can be used in stores or online for purchases. Each bank and provider has different terms and conditions that may affect how the MasterCard gift card is used, including the various fees that may apply to a purchase.

What Are the Benefits of a MasterCard Gift Card?

With a MasterCard gift card, activate new card benefits right away once you’ve completed the purchase at a retailer or loaded funds to it through an online account. No matter who the provider, bank, or lender may be, you’ll receive benefits with your new gift card such as MasterCard Nearby and MasterCard Send.

MasterCard Nearby is a downloadable mobile app that works with your gift card. It shows you compatible locations close to your current location where you can make purchases or take out cash with your card. It provides locations for over 2 million ATMs and offers numerous filters that can help you find retailers with specific features.

MasterCard Send is a platform that can be accessed almost anywhere in the world. It allows you to use your new MasterCard gift card, once activated, to send money via disbursement payments, person-to-person (P2P) transfers, or international P2P transfers. Instead of writing a check or scheduling an ACH transaction with your traditional bank account, your activated MasterCard gift card can send the money you need to pay securely and without the traditional delays of other methods.

Is the MasterCard Gift Card Right for You?

The MasterCard gift card activation process is fast and easy to complete. Transactions are secured. Thanks to “rePower,” reloadable gift cards can have cash added at over 100,000 retailers in the United States, no matter who the lender, bank, or provider may be for the gift card.

A MasterCard gift card activation also provides benefits such as price protections, extended warranties for items purchased, and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on certain products if a store does not accept a return. To activate these benefits, simply purchase an item from a retailer with your new card.

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