Hudson Bay Company Card Activate

How to Activate Your HBC Credit Card

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Credit Card is a branded MasterCard® option provided by Capital One. Stores under this brand name include Home Outfitters, Zellers, and Hudson’s Bay. You also have the opportunity to have a store credit card that works at the company’s retail or online locations only.

You can begin the online activation process by setting up your account. Capital One requires your card number, date of birth, and postal code to get started. Click on the Continue button, and then follow the remaining prompts.

Capital One requires you to be enrolled in online banking before you can activate a new card. You’ll need to have the three-digit security code on the back available to complete the process. If you already have an account through the lender, then you must link the HBC card to your existing one by consolidating your accounts.

You will then receive the option to enroll in email notifications. Once your online account is active, you can update your account preferences at any time.

Once you have an online account or you’ve linked your cards, then you can activate the new credit card online More information is available through Capital One’s activation site.

Call to Activate Your HBC Credit Card

Customers in Canada and the United States have two numbers to call when activating their new HBC credit card.

If you receive the MasterCard with the credit issued through Capital One, then you can dial 1 (866) 640-7858 to receive the help you need with the activation process. Anyone outside of North America can also call collect at 1 (513) 770-3782.

Anyone who receives the retail card only will need to contact Hudson’s Bay Credit Services directly for help with the activation. You’ll dial 1 (800) 263-2599 in Canada or the United States. There is not a collect call option for this version of the HBC card.

Some users may have the option to use the Capital One app to activate their new HBC credit card. You will still need to enroll in online services for the account before completing the process. The app is available for Android or iOS users.

You also have the option of dialing 1 (800) 227-4825 to receive assistance from Capital One’s primary representatives. This option will not work if you apply for and receive the Hudson’s Bay Company retail card only.