Citi Card Activate

To activate your new Citi credit card, you will be asked to provide your card number, security code, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. For those who have received an additional card, the primary card holder for the account is the SSN reference that will be required.

In some instances, you may be asked to provide the last 4 numbers of an employment identification number if your new Citi credit card is associated with a corporate account.

If you are having trouble with the online process, you can also contact the Citi credit card activation phone number to complete the process. Dial 1 (800) 950-5114 to speak with a customer service agent so you can begin using your new credit card.

Once you’ve verified your identification, you will be asked to configure your new card before confirmation of the activation process will be provided.

If you’re outside the United States, you can also call this number collect to complete the activation process: (605) 335-2222.

This Citi Card Activation Process Works for All Cards

The Citi MasterCard is one of the most consumer-friendly lines of credit that is currently available. It offers an introductory APR for up to 21 months, no late fees, no penalty rates, and no annual fee.

Once you’ve completed the Citi activate process, you also get to take advantage of a unique program that is called “Price Rewind.” This program searches through a catalog of online registered products whenever you make a purchase with your Citi credit card. If the exact item is found at a price which is lower than what you paid for it within 60 days of your purchase, the you can receive the price difference as a statement credit.

Extended warranties, global car rental insurance, and security technologies are all incorporated into the new Citi MasterCard as well.

What to Expect After the Citi Card Activation Process

Once you’ve activated your Citi MasterCard, you can enjoy the friendly pricing and terms that are associated with this line of credit. The APR for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers is based on the Prime Rate and is a variable 14.49%-24.49%, assigned based on individualized credit worthiness.

The variable-rate APR with this credit card will not exceed 29.99%. An approved credit limit may be as low as $500.

If approved, the 0% intro APR is in place for the first 21 months of the account being opened.

If you’ve been approved for a different Citi card, the activation process is similar. You can contact the Citi credit card activation phone number for partner cards from Expedia or CostCo, the AT&T Access Card, the AAdvantage travel cards, or the Double Cash Card.

The Diamond Preferred Citi MasterCard provides personalized concierge service in addition to the regular benefits offered by the standard MasterCard program. The Citi activate process is the same for this upgraded account as well.

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